There are many ways to observe a city: you can visit it as tourists, admiring the monuments praised by the guides, or you can experience it in its most intimate aspect, trying to go beyond its appearance and grasp its true soul …

Laura Fezia from “Maybe not everyone knows that in Turin ..”

When you travel if you don’t want just notions, but  you are also looking for emotions, follow me in my #tourinfreedom.

What are tours in freedom?

The opportunity to visit the city of Turin following your rhythms and your interests, already having all the information and itineraries that I will provide you, involving you in my stories.

Legends, mysteries, horoscope, art, gastronomy and your curiosity are the protagonists of my tours.

I am Armanda, born as a tour leader and tour operator, I continue my training by working in various sectors in turism field. Later I became an experiential tourism operator and have been working in tourist accommodation for many years.

I have collaborated with associations and private schools as a teacher for the realization of  travel courses.

In 2020 I wrote a  tourist book: “Italy of emotions”- Cooking stories and itineraries to discover.

The pleasure of sharing with you the discovery of unconventional itineraries, linked to popular legends, history and gastronomy of our beautiful Italy.

I am a  curious person, passionate about art, legends, mystery, food and wine, I propose you the city in its unconventional aspect.

Historic and modern Turin enchants with the beauty of its monuments and amazes for the different opportunities that offers. I met this city as a tourist and I decided to stop and live here, appreciating its monuments, its history, its hidden corners.

Even today I venture into unknown streets and I look around appreciating the charm of what surrounds me

Turin boasts various records:

Porta Palazzo, the largest open-air market in Europe

Piazza Vittorio Veneto, the largest arcaded square in Europe

Via Garibaldi is the longest pedestrian street in Europe

Turi is the city with the largest green space by number of inhabitants, then enjoy a walk in the Parco del Valentino and its Medieval Borgo

The surroundings of Turin are fascinating and impressive such as the Savoy Residences, the famous Basilica of Superga and the wonderful Sacra of San Michele.

The cuisine certainly deserves a taste with its many appetizers and stuffed pasta, the meat of Fassone, one of the oldest and most valuable breeds of cattle.